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November 6, 2011

After celebrating the birthday of Jeff (one of my closest friend) at MO2 we have decided to go on a road trip.  Unfortunately the celebrant was not able to join us because he needs to go home and celebrate his birthday together with his mom.

Birthday boy - Jeff!!

Initial plan was to buy food near Lilo-an church and have breakfast in Pepito’s beach.  Due to hangover and tiredness my friend who was driving the car gave up the driver’s seat and slept.  Rolan (my other friend) volunteered to take over.  So as planned we bought food in Lilo-an but while on our way to the beach we didn’t notice that we passed by it.  Since the owner of the car was asleep Rolan went farther than planned.  After almost an hour of driving we’ve reached the cold spring resort of Carmen, Cebu–Mt. Uragay!
Mt. Uragay with our Saturday night party clothes on.  Imagine that!  No spare clothes, towels or anything for swimming.  hahaha!


Pochero after MO2.

Sleep tight!! hahaha

Mt. Uragay


This is the main entrance to the resort where you pay your fees. There also some food and drinks available that you can buy.

This is the mini pond right beside the entrance. There are fishes here!

Kiddie pool right in front and the adults pool at the back.

Rooms for overnight stay.

Here's US by the spring pool.

Our table. blurry ever!!

Aren't we prepared?

Enjoying our breakfast!

Oh!! There's food?!

Chit Chat!!


My hunk, my friend--Joren!

Visit Mt. Uragay!!!

Comments on: "Mt. Uragay Cold Spring Resort, Carmen" (4)

  1. frank sa basak said:

    thanks ani bro! looking for contact no. and pictures….thanks

  2. Furrball said:

    Their landline number changed… It’s 4298200 now…
    Just had an overnight stay there with my family… June11-12…
    So I never have to use their old public CR….
    Their restaurant and new public CR were under construction now…
    Hopefully, it’ll get done fast…

  3. Hi, I wud like to ask if is there signal for internet and celfone?thanks a lot and more power

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