Life is like an ice cream, enjoy it before it melts…

This is my last pre-booked ticket to Manila which was booked last Dec 24, 2010.  This will be my last out of Cebu trip for the year.  There were 3 of us who booked this ticket but only I decided to pursue on this trip.  My sister Julie decided to join me since I am alone and because she also wanted to visit her boyfriend.  A week before our trip as we were (me and my officemate) casually talking with Freddy, my officemate mentioned that we will be travelling and invited along Freddy as it will be his last week in Cebu before he goes back to the U.S..  A day before the travel date Freddy decided to join us on this trip, so we booked his ticket and told him to pack and bring some stuff when he comes to the office the next night.

Travel Date: November 12-14, 2011

Participants: Me, Julie, Freddy and Francis (from manila)

We left the office dawn of Saturday and arrived in Manila at around 6am.  Julie, who went a day ahead, picked us up in the airport and we went directly to Jam terminal in Kamuning.  Bus fare to Batangas port was Php175.  It is best to leave Manila as early as possible to avoid traffic and make sure that you take your breakfast or grab something along the way since the Batangas port does not have a lot of stores that serves meals.

Round trip boat fare to Puerto Galera is Php450 + Php50 environmental fee + Php30 terminal fee, you only have to pay the additional fees once.  Make sure you have your ticket confirmed when you arrive in Puerto Galera and ask your departure time for the next day.

Boat fare


On board with Francis, Freddy and Julie.

White beach, Puerto Galera!

This is where we got our room...

more rooms available...



The beach!

Restaurants all over the place

Clear water....

with Freddy at the back!!!

Jump shot!!!!

a lot of souvenir stalls...

hiding?! hahaha

hammer head shark

Long stretch of sand and food stalls...

The popular Mindoro Sling!!


There are a lot of people offering tour packages (beach activities, inland and island hopping packages), make sure you choose the one which offers the lowest price.  For the inland tour (Tamaraw Falls only) we were offered Php1500 for the van rental, the next day when we were searching for other offers we found one that only offered 200 per head for the Tamaraw falls trip on board a tricycle.  It was the best offer so we grabbed it right away.

Busy morning!!

Souvenirs for sale...

Chill while waiting for our ride to Tamaraw Falls

Our Ride!!! hahaha

Tamaraw Falls!!

with the tamaraw statue....

More tamaraws....

Buko marathon...

Perfect view!


taken by our motorcycle driver.. Nice!

On our way back to the beach...

I'm pretty and i know it but i really don't know what's there..

waiting for our boat ride...

on our way back to Batangas....

Freddy tossing 5 peso coin for kids to dive...


After the our short trip to Tamaraw falls we packed our things and waited for our boat ride back to Batangas port.  Since we still have a night to spare, we went to Tagaytay.  We had our dinner and literally chilled for a while before we started our drinking session.

Dinner at Tagaytay

Pizza and Pastalicious dinner @ Carlo's Pizza

a little something to warm up the cold chilling night...

Admiring the Tagaytay morning!

My sister my cook...


That’s it!!!

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