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Ong Bun Pension House

Address: corner Quezon-Ledesma Street Iloilo City, Iloilo

Cellphone #: 09104335048

While I was browsing for Iloilo pension houses I saw Ong Bun Pension House’s (OBPH) website.  Among the pension houses that I have searched OBPH has the lowest rate.   So I decided to make a reservation.  Days passed as I was still browsing for some pension houses to compare I ran into a blog about OBPH.  Review was very well said but its main point was OBPH is not a recommendable place to stay and its pictures were proof enough about what was said.  My hopes went down and we were just a couple of days away from travel date.

We were on a cab on our way to OBPH.  Because of what I have read I really did not expect the pension house to be even just average especially when the driver pointed out this old building and said “this is it!”.  Honestly façade looks so old and it has a very busy surrounding since it’s in the middle of the city.  BUT… when we went up and saw their lobby it was not that bad.  I’m not sure why I was amazed, maybe because I expected too little of the place or the review that I read was just exaggerated.  The place has far more value for the money.

OBPH has nice interior, very clean with a warm and cozy feel, a hot and cold water dispenser, WIFI access, and a mini living room in every floor.  Telephones are provided in every floor in case you need to call the operator for room service.  They provide their rooms with cable TV, a pitcher for water and a thermos for hot water that comes with one drinking glass and a cup & saucer for hot beverage.  They also have options that suits everyone’s need, you can choose to have an aircon or a non-aircon room with or without a private CR and from single to multiple occupancy.

OBPH is in a very good location, just a couple of minutes walk to Robinson’s mall and SM Delgado and it’s just walking distance to Mary Mart mall.  Smallville, SM City, Jordan Wharf (going to Guimaras), Villa and other establishments are just one ride away (7 pesos per way).


You can visit OBPH’s website for more information and reservations.


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Comments on: "Ong Bun Pension House (OBPH), Iloilo City" (3)

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  2. Hi! I’ll be visiting Iloilo in January and would like to book in advance. Ong Bun was recommended by other bloggers but am quite hesitant with the bad reviews that I saw in TripAdvisor. When did you visit Ong bun? Is it true that they renovated?

    Would you recommend staying here?


    • Yes, they have renovated. If you are just looking for a place to crash and leave your stuff and you are on a budget then it would be advisable to stay in Ong Bun. I was there last June 2011.

      It’s a decent place to stay. Honestly facade of the building does not look that good and it’s in the middle of a busy city with lots of people. Advantage is you are just one ride away to any destinations.:)

      You get your money’s worth.:) Just don’t expect a lot..

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